Dr. Gnatt has 30 years of experience across the biomedical discovery and development spectrum. His findings were published on the cover of Science, Cell, and Molecular cell, others in PNAS and EMBO, and he was a major contributor to the 2006 Nobel prize in chemistry. His Masters and Ph.D. focused on neurobiology and Cholinesterases. After 10 years of research at Stanford University in transcription, biophysics, and structural biology he joined the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Pharmacology, directed a research lab, and taught in the Graduate and Medical schools. In the biomedical industry, Dr. Gnatt held positions such as director of biopharmaceuticals and director of biopolymer development. His expertise includes upstream to downstream drug development, cancer, transcription, regenerative bone therapeutics, diagnostics, antibiotics, and structural biology.

Highlights of Dr. Gnatt’s earlier biomedical career include the first cloning, expressing, and mutational analysis of human cholinesterases, and pharmacological analysis using agents that affect their function. For this work, he was awarded the European Society of Neurobiology young lecturers award. From 1990 to 2000, as a Post-doctorate and then PI, Dr. Gnatt worked at Stanford University and spearheaded the structure of 10-subunit RNA Polymerase II structure while it was actively transcribing RNA. The work was highlighted in a Nobel Award lecture, presented to congress, and highlighted on the cover of Science.  

As a pharmacologist, Dr. Gnatt spent 13 years at the University of Maryland School of medicine. His Lab focused on human transcription, cancer therapeutics, bone therapy, antivirals, and diagnostics.

Dr. Gnatt also taught Pharmacology in the Graduate and Medical Schools. He developed curriculum for graduate pharmacology students, and thereafter directed major sections (molecular biology, genetics, proteins) in pivotal courses.  Some achievements include two new cancer targets, expression of over 60 proteins, and new diagnostic methodologies.

In the biopharma industry, Dr. Gnatt held various positions, such as director of biopharmaceuticals where he developed new bone regeneration products, from initial cloning, directed up and downstream production, and from formulation to animal studies.

Dr. Gnatt was also a consultant for the AI/biomedical interface, and for noninvasive devices for diagnostics.