Dr. Diao has more than 10 years of combined experience in clinical and neuroscience research. Dr. Diao led clinical studies of mental disorders at a psychiatry department for 2 years. She spent 8 years working on the mapping of neural circuits underlying psychiatric and neurological diseases at the National Institute of Mental Disorder.

In DataRevive, Dr. Diao is a full-time Clinical Consultant and has developed multiple clinical protocols for INDs of investigational products including biologics and small molecules. She has successfully completed Interact Meeting Packages with focused clinical questions for two products with novel mechanism of action, a number of PIND meeting packages (phase 1 and end of phase 1 or 2), and two successful ODD applications, one of which was the first ODD granted for the intended indication in the US. Dr. Diao is also extensively involved in NDA and BLA applications.

As a neuroscientist, Dr. Diao developed genetic tools for neural circuit mapping and successfully mapped out a neural circuit from sensory entry to motor neurons that governs a hormonally driven behavior sequence. Dr. Diao’s work has provided deep insight into the biological principles underlying the development of behaviors. Dr. Diao holds a Ph.D. degree in Cellular Molecular Biology from Peking University and a Doctor of Medicine degree from Sun Yat-sen medical school. She also passed US Medicine License Exam steps 1 and 2.